Belize, still in the squalid shadow of British colonialism, reminds us of the value of independence 4

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4 thoughts on “Belize, still in the squalid shadow of British colonialism, reminds us of the value of independence

  • Mike Heusner

    It amazed me how many falsehoods and twisted interpretations can be printed in your publication. I hope I never see it again. Mike Heusner

    • FWB Post author

      These are not my words Mike.. I’m simply bringing to light how people are seeing us. I don’t tell people how to see what they are looking at.

  • Peggyrose

    I know how you feel! But please? Please don’t take it to heart. That article was meant to be hurtful. It is neither a true picture of Belize, nor its people. The use of academia to validate or endorse the claims made is a misuse of the worst kind. Yes, there is much that needs to be addressed in Belize, and constructive criticism is important. But that article was not meant to be constructive. Remember Ubuntu, a powerful concept, a powerful way of seeing…now that, to me, is something which defines Belizeans as a worthy people, as a rich people. With Ubuntu as a guide – anything can be overcome.

    • FWB Post author

      Thanks Peggy. All I was trying to do is bring to our attention how we are being seen by people outside of Belize and people have a right to their opinion whether we like it or not. We can dismiss it all we want, pretending the problems are not there or closing our eyes to them does not make them go away. True, Belize is a beautiful nation as are the people but there is a lot wrong with our nation and people that need to be addressed and unless we learn to see that other people around the world are seeing us in a negative light we will remain where we are. We have to learn to accept the negatives, not just the positives that come our way.

      Sure I can paint a beautiful picture for you of Belize where there never seems to be anything wrong by ONLY focusing on the good things but we all know that would not be true. I try to keep the site an open one here any voice can be heard, good or bad; on any topic and with that comes things that some will not like to hear. As for the constructive part, feelings sometimes are not meant to be constructive; and I think that article was more feelings than trying to be Constructive. Everyone does that at times, show me one person that has not communicated their feelings in one way or another for what it is not not to be constructive or destructive.

      Now Ubuntu is a philosophy that we have featured on our home page and one that we strive to live by. I am because we are.