Belize Public Service Salaries 6

Members of the House of Representatives$610,200.00
Members of the Senate$169,020.00
Crown Counsel – Civilian Prosecutions Unit$153,396.00
Chief Justice$150,000.00
Appeals Judge$139,320.00
Undersecretary Revenue$119,736.00
Puisne Judge$110,000.00
Director of Public Prosecutions$100,000.00
Financial Secretary$100,000.00
Assistant Registrar$92,928.00
Prime Minister$91,800.00
Auditor General$81,787.00
Minister of Public Service$81,000.00
Minister of Health$81,000.00
Elections and Boudaries – Registering Officer Cayo$80,140.00
Contractor General$80,000.00
Senior Financial Advisor$80,000.00
Registrar General$75,000.00
Financial Advisor$74,520.00
Dep Fin Sec$74,520.00
Cabinet Secretary$74,000.00
Director Private Sector Dialogue$72,000.00
CEO Public Service$69,400.00
CEO Prime Minister$69,400.00
Exec Coordinator Public Sector investment in energy$69,400.00
CEO Econ Dev$69,400.00
CEO Min of Health$69,400.00
Director Human Resource Mgt Info Sys$66,828.00
Director of Health Services$66,828.00
Deputy DHS$66,828.00
Fisheries Administrator$66,828.00
Deputy DPP$66,000.00
Accountant General$65,785.00
Clerk of National Assembly$63,384.00
Director Health Info Sys$62,420.00
Director Center Information Technology$62,072.00
Deputy Registrar$62,052.00
Magistrate OW$62,052.00
Magistrate Bmp$62,052.00
Comptroller of Customs$62,052.00
Supervisor of Insurance$61,260.00
Public Service – Coordinator Job Classification Unit$60,876.00
Chief Environmental Officer$60,528.00
Chief Forest Officer$60,332.00
Deputy Auditor General$60,319.00
Min of State Econ Dev$54,000.00
Magistrate Czl$53,104.00
Governor General$52,848.00
Senior Dental Surgeon$52,524.00
Counsellor/Social Worker$45,916.00
Surgeon Specialist$43,400.00
Public Services Commission – Chairperson$42,000.00
Director Lab Services$41,040.00
Nurse Specialist Infection Control$39,328.00
Regional Hospital Manager$37,416 – $57,744
UN Permanent Representative$60,000 (allowance $724,392, house rent $430,000)
Washington Ambassador$55,032 (allowance $395,000, house rent 274,000)
London High Commissioner$55,032 (allowance $442,000, house rent $181,000)
Mexico Ambassador$55,032 (allowances $268,000, house rent $294,000)

And while you ponder on the above salaries, recall that Educators have been fighting for fair pay. An Educator’s salary with a bachelor’s degree is $26,400. To get a teaching license, one must get a drug test, police record, three recommendations, all transcripts and certifications of diplomas, along with a letter of application for the license… all paid for by the Educators themselves.

Stating the above I have a few questions:

  1. Why are their different pay scales for Magistrates?
  2. Why are there different pay scales for Ministers?
  3. If ministers are members of the HOR, do they get paid two salaries for both positions?
  4. I’m not sure how these things work, but, why do we have to pay for ambassadors and representatives? For example, only the UN PR gets $1,214,392.00.
  5. What’s included in the “allowances” bracket?
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