Belize needs a new foundation not a new house. 2

That’s all there is to it. We keep building new houses on an old sinking foundation in hopes that people will not notice.

I say high time for real change to happen, I don’t mean the talking kind. I am talking politics 2.0..

  • I’m talking things like politicians must have an education and experience in the ministry they will be taking over, they need to become one with the people they will serve.
  • I’m talking about politicians getting their hands out of our judicial system and letting those people do their jobs the right way.
  • I’m talking about taking action when action is needed and stop talking and dragging ass.
  • I’m talking about being there for your people when shit hits the fan, not taking trips to Miami or some other country to get a way from it for a bit.
  • I’m talking about implementing policies that you feel proud of and that you yourself trust and can show that to the people.
  • I’m talking about stopping the mentality of my color or my politician better than yours. We need to stop fighting over colors and people and start fighting over issues that are affecting the nation.
  • I’m talking about making much needed amendments to the laws and constitution of Belize for the betterment of our people and to avoid foreigners and others from raping our country and it’s people.
  • We need to either completely overhaul or simply construct a new Constitution that will work for the country and not the politicians.

Get the idea guys? Good! Lets move forward as Belizeans not as Blue or Red or My Leader or Your Leader.

I live for one party and that is the people, and my party colors are the blood, sweat, dreams and suffering of the people.

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2 thoughts on “Belize needs a new foundation not a new house.