Belize Minister accused of unwanted sexual advances in Taiwan

And tonight there are reports of more scandal coming out of Taiwan involving a Belizean politician. Credible reports to this newsroom say that Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport Edmund Castro, who left for Taiwan last week, was sent home after a Taiwanese female Ministry of Foreign Affairs staffer complained that he had made unwelcome sexual advances upon her.

Our reports say, the act of indiscretion created quite a stir in Taipei’s official circles. As a result, very senior officials in Taiwan reportedly complained directly to Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Thursday. He reportedly called Castro and ordered him to return home immediately.

Again, that’s what we have pieced together from credible sources. But Castro, who returned to Belize City on Saturday, denies it all. He says no such thing happened, and the first he heard of what he calls “all kinds of foolishness” was when he returned to Belize. He said he was not sent home, that his trip was from the 14th to the 21st and that’s exactly the itinerary that was kept to.

Castro says he was there as a guest of Taiwan who was lobbying for inclusion in the I-C-O, a subgroup of the UN. And so while there are two vastly differing accounts – until and unless the Taiwanese make a formal diplomatic complaint – which in any case appears unlikely, he maintains deniability.

  • Source: 7News
    Belize has had to face a few  international  embarrassments of late. We can think of the SIF scandal which resulted in representatives of the IDB coming to Belize for an investigation into the Dangriga Market Rehabilitation Project. We can also think of the firing of Elvin Penner as Minister over the Taiwanese prisoner being granted a Belizean passport, and most recently of the Belize Coast Guard’s embarrassing detention of the boat that the Prime Minister of  Dominica was in. Well, there have also been rumours swirling for a few days now about a member of a Belizean delegation to Taiwan, who made unwanted sexual advances to a Taiwanese woman over there. Unfortunately, it has since been confirmed that the accused is a Minister of Cabinet. Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport, Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro is accused by a female Taiwanese protocol officer who was attached to him as a chaperone on his trip to Taiwan. That woman reported the incident to her superiors in Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador David Wu reported it to Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  It is important to note that back in 2010, Castro was fired for behaviour unbecoming of a Minister and only regained his status as Minister in 2012 after the UDP won its second term in office. Today, we contacted the Embassy of Taiwan, where we were informed that the Embassy is at this awaiting official word from the Taiwan Government and so they cannot comment at this moment.

  • Source: PlusTV Belize

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