Belize Gestapo attacks Citizens

For years I’ve been warning you about the impending Police State, a few years ago I even stated we had arrived to that fork in the road. This is one example of it, but yet the leader of the GSU, the Belizeans version of the Gestapo will go on media talking shit.

Welcome to the New World Belizeans.

So last night I was physically abused by the GSU for a traffic accident that occurred on the corner of North Front street and Douglas Jones. I was heading home when their vehicle pulled up beside me and fired several shots without ever signalling to me that they were police. Well naturally I sped off thinking it was someone trying to rob me. After distancing myself I looked back in the mirror and saw flashing headlights and a very small blue light they had just put on. AM_Face_WristThat’s when I realized they were police and I stopped. They pulled beside me firing several more shots. One came out and said for me to not move. Another said put your hands up and yet another said exit the vehicle. I put my hands tru the door to show them I had nothing yet they seemed even more aggressive. I informed them that I was gonna open the door but from outside so they wouldn’t have any reason to shoot. Two of their officers threw me to the ground and one immediately hit me to the back of my head while another sank his knee in my back. AM_FaceI asked them what they wanted and that I was willing to comply with anything since I had no weapon or drugs on me. This did not bother them as they continued to interrogate me on my whereabouts earlier that Nite. I told them I had just left Mjs where I had been all day playing pool and machines. They told me I was lying and that they were certain I had committed an offense. They got me in the back of my truck I was in and then another drove it back to the scene. They then asked me if I had remembered the accident and I told them no because I was never around there.

This is when they started their physical abuse. I was hit in the face, abdomen and even ribcage. But that was just the first wave. Soon after, several officers started passing one by one and hitting me in the face or midsection. Then the second wave started again with the same GSU officer jumping in the pan of the truck and started to punch me again in the midsection. By this time a female GSU officer took out a metal object which she lengthened out by pulling it. She then started striking me in my chest as though she was striking fish. This continued until Mark Anthony Flowers came on the scene and also started accusing me and telling me to just tell him it was me. He then walked up behind me and slapped me to the back of my headI spun around and I saw that the person who slap me was the only person standing behind me with his hands still in the air was Mark Flowers. So I can tell you all and everybody out there that Mark Flowers condones abuse and violence by the GSU.

The female officer even told me while she was assaulting me that I must tell her the truth, tell her that I did it, if not they will kill me. She said that we will kill you if you don’t tell us that you did it and I told them if you all want to kill me, go ahead because all you all will be doing is killing an innocent person, I have nothing to do with this. I said you all are accusing me wrongfully. She said that you will die tonight.

A police officer came on the scene and he immediately spoke to me to find out what had happened and if my face was swollen because of the accident. I told him it was compliments of the GSU. I explained to him where I was and if he could pls just check it out since the owner as well as the door security who is also a police officer, could vouch for me. Well at least he did and came back and said that I had just left and that I was there all night. Even the security cameras could prove it. Well the GSU didn’t wanna hear. I heard one GSU telling another that it was a Nissan frontier that an eyewitness said hit the officers on cycle. Even so, they didn’t wanna look bad so they still held me. About three min or so later, a dark in color Nissan frontier pickup came from the direction of Freetown on Douglas Jones and just stopped and parked there. I told one of the female GSU officers of what I had heard one officer say to another. I asked her if the vehicle was theirs and if not, didn’t she not also think it strange that the vehicle would approach the scene without passing. She said she wasn’t concerned caz as far as she knew, I was the one responsible. So the vehicle revered and turned. Never did it try to pass nor did the officers feel the need to check it. Before going to the station I was even threatened to be killed if I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. A little after that police officers came on the scene and that is when everything stopped.

To paraphrase Dean Barrow, the Prime Minister of Belize and supreme leader of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU):

If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.

Mr flowers, I respected you even when many felt you were an abuser. Today I realize you have become the same violent criminal towards the people that you and your fellow officers swore to protect. You seem to wanna be judge jury and executioner. I pity incompetent fools like yourself. Don’t you realize that if you don’t try to bring people up to a higher standard rather than stopping to the immoral unjust savages that you are supposed to be protecting society from, you can never change the people. You all need to re-evaluate your roles in society. Not because a GSU officer was supposedly knocked down means you take it out on an innocent citizen. In the old days, people use to assemble lynch mobs and many were hanged just because they were suspected of a crime. People soon learnt that many were wrongfully hanged after. The video camera along with testimonies from many in the club last night will prove to you ignorant retard that I was nowhere near the scene of your accident. I do hope that you understand that I want first and foremost a public apology from you and your department. I know that will be difficult for you because you feel that you are too big for that. I will close off by saying this. Amongst the blind the one eyed man is king. Well amongst the criminals the GSU think they are kings.

Where have we seen this type of practice before? Oh yeah…


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