Belize 1st National Cybersecurity Symposium

Securing Our Digital Future

24 – 27 April 2017
Belize City, Belize

  • Gain insight on the fundamentals of cybersecurity
  • Learn strategies for protecting your organization
  • Receive updates on government and regulatory plans
  • Network and share ideas with peers and experts
  • Participate in shaping a national cybersecurity framework

Hosted by the Belize Public Utilities Commission on behalf of the Government of Belize

Message from PUC Chairman Mr. John Avery:

The world is more connected than ever before. Today, our connectivity to the global network is critical to the productivity and functionality of our local society.

As Chairman of the Belize Public Utilities Commission, I am proud to role the PUC has played in facilitating development and growth of the telecommunications which underpins Belize’s local and global Internet connectivity.

We have supported the private sector in creating the foundation for the Internet’s place in Belize. In the process, we have seen the Internet make our businesses more productive, increase the efficiency of the Government service delivery, and improve our competitiveness in domestic and international markets. However, we also recognize that threats to critical network infrastructure, corporate networks and personal data are growing more frequent, sophisticated and damaging each year.

Cyber attacks on electronic commerce, vital business sectors and government agencies have grown exponentially. Individuals, businesses and nations have been hit with concerning regularity. So we are taking decisive action to protect the security of Belizean consumers, businesses and Internet infrastructure.

The PUC, on behalf of the Government of Belize and in collaboration with local, regional and international partners has created a unique forum. The first Belize National Cyber-Security Symposium will see government, private sector and other stakeholders come together to promote national cybersecurity standards to address emerging cyber issues.

The expected outcome of the Symposium will be the development of practical recommendations and a framework for addressing internet cybersecurity issues for the public and private sectors as well as ordinary citizens.

Cyber threat impacts the whole of our society. Together, we can help define and implement a national cybersecurity strategy, that defends the whole of our society and secures our digital future.

Mr. Avery John
Belize Public Utilities Commission

Symposium Benefits

This first Belize National Cyber Security Symposium offers a holistic view of the issues, current threats, myths, pitfalls and opportunities for safeguarding, defending and strengthen digital infrastructure against cyber-attacks.
The event will promote awareness of solutions and practical strategies that will return attendees to their organizations better equipped to take action and be more effective in the following areas:

  • Information Sharing and Collaboration: Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Larger Picture
  • Security and Privacy Leadership: Informed, Risk-based Decision Making and Investment
  • Incident Management: Working Collaboratively to Detect and Respond to Cyber Incidents
  • Risk Management: Prevention through continuous Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Planning: Best Practices in Computer Incident Communications and Consequence Management
  • Data Privacy: Securing and Safeguarding Data Privacy and Integrity in the digital age

Benefits of Attending:

Collaborate with peers and experts from across functions and nations
Access actionable guidance for building a cyber security strategy across your organization
Gain insights through interactive presentations with cyber risk management best-practices
Learn what corporate managers and executives need to understand about cybersecurity
Learn strategies for aligning culture and incentives with your organization’s cybersecurity mission

Symposium Objectives


The symposium will, among other objectives:

  1. Explain the significant features of global and regional cyber conventions, and how Belize can benefit from acceding to this type of convention;
  2. Present an overview of the current global and regional cyber security landscape;
  3. Identify tangible and attainable ways in which to advance the national cybersecurity and cybercrime agenda;
  4. Deliver instructional modules on drafting cybercrime legislation, creating cybersecurity policy for organizations and developing cybersecurity best practices for network operators

Expected Outcomes

Attendees will leave with awareness and understanding of risks as we as defensive and preventative strategies in areas including:

  • Structuring Cyber Risk Governance: Case Studies – Learn the goals behind, the implementation of, and the results from cyber risk governance.
  • Building and Empowering Cross-Functional Cybersecurity Teams – Learn effective strategies of building the cross-functional teams essential to protecting your organization’s networks and data.
  • Communicating with Confidence– Hear leading cybersecurity practitioners on how to best communicate risks and responses to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Designing Security for Humans — Seeing the human factor as a design imperative rather than a design flaw.
  • Threat Horizon – The latest challenges, including ransomware; malware; the Internet of Things and cyber-physical attacks; AI; and escalations in state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

Agenda At A Glance


Belize Online: Digital Security in An Interconnected World

The changing technology landscape presents new levels and types of security risks for organizations in every sector. Cyber-attacks have increased in number and frequency year over year. Governments, businesses, and end-users alike have to be informed and equipped to tackle the real threats the come with our increased reliance on the Internet.

This special 1-day event titled, “Belize Online: Digital Security in An Interconnected World”, will draw on a team of local, regional and international experts to present national stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of current trends, issues and approaches in addressing cyber-security.

What We Will Cover

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Belize and Cyber Security – Where are We Now
  • Keys to Detecting, Preventing and Remediating Cyber Attacks

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Learn how the changing technology landscape is impacting organizations
  • Understand the Cyber Threats posed in the age of Cloud and Mobility
  • Discover the steps needed to secure on-premises and in cloud assets and applications
  • Learn the Importance of Identity and Access Control

Join us for this unique event and find out how you can make your office, your organization, your home and your family more secure in the Digital Age.

Special Stakeholder Fora


Public Sector Forum (1 day)

This forum will explore the evolution of approaches to developing effective cyber-policy, protecting public sector networks and securing government electronic services.

Judiciary Forum (1 day)

Explore the interpretation of local, regional and international laws, regulations and cases related to surveillance, cyber intrusions by private and nation-state actors, data breaches, and privacy issues.

Business Forum (1 day)

Understand the severity and global scale of the challenges cyber- attacks pose to the organizations and decision makers. Gain practical insights to transform how security threats are tackled and resolved.

Special Stakeholder Fora


Network Operators Forum (2 days)

Computer network administrators, software engineers and IT managers will gain hands-on training in threat detection, network strengthening and data security

Law Enforcement Forum (1 day)

This forum is designed to strengthen the capability of law enforcement officers and operations to respond to cyber-incidents and to mitigate the risk of cyber crimes.


Public Forum

The public will have the opportunity to learn about cyber security and practical steps for protecting home networks, mobile phones and personal data from cyber threats.
Working Group on National Cyber Security Framework

A cross-sectoral group of national stakeholders will draft Belize’s first National Cyber Security Framework for presentation to the public. This will the first step toward creation of a National Cyber Security Plan

TRACK 1 Public Sector Forum

Belize’s national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliability and resilience of its critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing the nation’s security, economy, and public safety and health at risk. This forum brings together stakeholders from the Public Sector, including Government Ministries, state agencies and regulators workshop for a combination of presentations and interactive sessions exploring an overview of the cybersecurity in the Public Sector, use cases, and resources to support strengthening and enhancement of systems and strategies to protect government networks and data.

Attendees Will:

  • Learn about the types of cyber-threats and the steps that can be taken to defend against them;
  • Share experiences and best practices for securing and defending public networks and data against cyber attacks;
  • Feedback on the benefits of establishing of a cross-functional National Cybersecurity Taskforce.

TRACK 2 Justice Sector

The Judiciary and Cybersecurity

This half-day event will provide members of the local and regional judiciary with exposure to the key legal and policy issues related to cybersecurity, including the legal authorities and obligations of both the government and the private sector with respect to protecting computer systems and networks, as well as the national security aspects of the cyber domain including authorities related to offensive activities in cyberspace.

The agenda will include a survey of regional laws, regulations as well as regional and international cases related to surveillance, cyber intrusions by private and nation-state actors, data breaches, and privacy and civil liberties matters, among other things.

Attendees will:

  • Explore the legislative and technology landscape in this dynamic area
  • Discover and discuss cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law, technology, and policy.

TRACK 3 Business Forum

Forward-thinking cyber security leaders will share knowledge and explore, practical, innovative ideas on how to create a cyber resilient organization. The interactive, content driven programme will feature a lineup of brilliant regional and international speakers bringing their experience, insight and inspiration from leading organizations in the field.

Attendees Will Learn About:

  • Current Trends in Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security and the Business Bottom Line ü Crisis Preparedness & Management
  • Mobility, Internet Of Things & Cloud Security ü Cybersecurity’s Human Factor
  • Cyber Safety – Governance & Data Privacy

TRACK 4 Public Forum


Public Cyber Safety Forum

TRACK 4 Business

Portals LLC CaribNOG

Public Cyber Safety Forum
Law Enforcement Forum

TRACK 6 Network Operators

When you detect an attack you want to find out what’s going on, and fast! This 2-day forum will explore:
Life Cycle of a Data Breach: Best practices for Prevention, Detection, and Response

Learning From The Past To Secure The Future: Mining Network Log Files for insights and analytics that can materially transform the way security threats are detected and investigated

Attendees will:

  • Understand the value of rich, historical metadata and its importance in stopping network attacks
  • Learn how to use your networks history to secure today and protect the future
  • Gain an appreciation of the risks associated with transitioning securely to a virtual organization and the practical issues that can be encountered.

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