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What is happening to the New PUP?  Is there something going on in the shadows that the people need to know but never will? The high ranking officers are abandoning ship like rats off a sinking ship of sorts…

Mark Espat and committee calls it quit


The Hon. Mark Espat has notified the PUP Albert Executive Committee that he will not offer himself as a candidate in the upcoming General Elections. Our Committee is aware of the circumstances leading to his decision. While we wished for Mark to continue in public service, we understand and fully support this difficult choice.

Since 1996, our Executive Committee and the Albert Action Committee have worked closely with Mark on multiple endeavors, and especially in securing the Albert Division for the PUP. Our General Election victory in 1998 was the first for the PUP in Albert since 1961, and our three victories in 1998, 2003, and 2008, combined, were by the widest margins of any constituency in the country.

Those expressions of confidence by the people in Mark and in our Committees were achieved because of an unyielding commitment to putting people first, and because of an outstanding record of accomplishments in Albert and in the various Cabinet posts in which Mark served.

Our Committee is eternally grateful to the people of Albert for lending us their trust and their cooperation. We are thankful to the wider PUP family, particularly the rank and file. What Party members like us seek and what Belizeans deserve is a Party where donors matter less and merit matters more; where results match rhetoric; and where policies live up to the Party’s creed of service to the people, social justice and a mixed economy.

We express our sincere and lasting appreciation to Mark for his exceptional style of focused, results-oriented and compassionate leadership. At critical junctures, in Government and in Opposition, Mark stood firm in defending the interests of the 99% from the assaults of the 1%, refusing to be bullied into submission. Mark represented the people of Albert and of Belize with distinction.

To allow the PUP to proceed in selecting its new Standard Bearer and Constituency Executive Committee, we will advise the Chairman of the Party that our current Committee will stand down with immediate effect. We offer best wishes to the Party’s national and municipal candidates in the upcoming joint elections.


Ms. Alnoye Smith, Chairperson
February 6, 2012


February 06, 2012

Dear Voters of Albert,

After consultation and consideration, I have notified members of the PUP Albert Constituency Executive and Action Committees of my decision not to be a candidate in this General Election.

I offer to you my tremendous gratitude and respect for the opportunity to have served as the Representative for the Albert Constituency in the House of Representatives since 1998.

To have served you and my country has been a high honor and unique distinction.

With your steadfast support, many awesome advances were achieved for residents of the Albert constituency, including jobs and job training, new homes, housing lots, scholarships, new school buildings, centers for culture and the performing arts, upgraded infrastructure, housing repairs, sporting facilities and tournaments, small business and education loans, conflict resolution and counseling programs, among many other initiatives. Together, we forged a more cooperative, vibrant community rich in renewal and possibilities.

Your confidence gave me the chance to serve in Belize’s Cabinet, at various times, as Minister of Tourism and Culture; Minister of Economic and Rural Development, Investment, Enterprise and Youth. With the support of an outstanding cadre of public officers and professionals, we transformed and expanded the tourism sector creating thousands of new jobs and entrepreneurs; new rural water systems, clinics and classrooms were delivered. Electrical grid expansions were completed in many villages; culture and the arts experienced a renaissance; and many programs were adopted for the benefit of the business community, for investors and for our young people.

Most precious to me from this period in electoral politics is the trust and optimism that you and I share — a faith that public service is about the high aspirations, convictions and promise of creating a greater and more just society for all Belizeans, and an unshakeable conviction that country comes before political colors and special interests.

I sincerely salute those many supporters who campaigned tirelessly for me and for the causes of justice and change. Their uncommon belief in me and in the possibilities of the future is an inspiration for our times and for our athletic democracy.

May a more equitable Belize, free from the manacles of poverty and violence, shape a more enlightened and hopeful future.

With friendship and respect,

Mark A. Espat

Things like this really makes us wonder what’s in store for us. If the people that should be fighting for the people are simply choosing to walk away, what hopes does this leave for us the ones that will have to live with the misery of a possibly corrupt Party and/or Government come March 7th (not pointing to any party in particular).

If we look at this from the old saying “Rats deserting a sinking ship” we can say that something is up in the ranks of the PUP and the ones that have more to loose are splitting before shit hits the fan. We can see that there is too much of the same old plans and aspirations for the new Govt if they win and they want no part of it.

I for one do not believe that these guys are simply stepping down because they chose to and whatever the reason really is, people need to start reading between the lines and try to see the big picture. I just wished that they could be honest with the people and do the right thing.

If I did not know better I would say that they are agreeing to step aside for someone that will better fill the “Yes Sir” role and they will in turn get their just rewards once the party is in office.

These are pure speculations mind you. Make of it what you will.

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