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One thought on “Animal Farm-George Orwell

  • CayoBuay

    It’s funny that the Characters in the book have real life parts in Belize..
    – Old Major can be seen in people like Gorge Price, Leigh Richardson, Anotnio Soberanis, etc.
    – Squeeler can be seen as the fools at political news houses.
    – Snowball can be seen as people like Phillip Goldson, kicked out because of their “putting people first” ideology.
    – The Piglets can be seen as party fanatics. Brainwashed into their ways.
    – The young pigs can be seen as people that have fallen under the guise of the old but know what needs to be done.

    And the all so common one…

    The Sheep
    They show limited understanding of the situations but nonetheless blindly support Napoleon’s ideals. They are regularly shown repeating the phrase “four legs good, two legs bad”. At the end of the novel, one of the Seven Commandments is changed after the pigs learn to walk on two legs and their shout changes to “four legs good, two legs better”. They can be relied on by the pigs to shout down any dissent from the others.