A Message to Belizeans

For quite some time now, some of us have stated emphatically that going to the ICJ is not a viable option through which Belize should seek an end to Guatemala’s unfounded claim to our sovereign territory.

During this period, we have been maligned by those who opt to tow the line and adhere to the status quo. That has not deterred us, for we know that our position is based on the truth and reality.

Recently, a certain gentleman gave an interview in which I believe he actually highlighted a critical element on which many who oppose going to the ICJ, base their position. I contend that as long as the military oligarchy controls the Guatemalan government, that institution lacks credibility and can not be trusted, especially within the construct of going to the ICJ, whose decisions have been demonstrated to be unenforceable.

The related piece starts at approx 17:00

In any event, please listen to the first portion of this interview and judge for yourself. Please note that for the sake of context, it runs a bit further, so as to ensure that it cannot be alleged that the video did not provide a true representation of the interview. For that matter, just to be fair, the entire newscast is above. After all, his further response is all the more revealing of the fundamental problem of the manner in which our foreign affairs representatives approach the issue of dealing with Guatemala.

In sum, since “…we never get any assurances from them (that being the Guatemalans)”, I pose this question to the Belizean people…

Why then, does our government continue to bend over backwards and capitulate to Guatemala’s DEMANDS?

Their meeting at the OAS, over the past weekend is a prime example. When our MFA officials should have stood strong on the fact that Guatemala reneged on their word (and as the gentleman in the video rightfully pointed out, for the second time during the overall engagement); they did not.

Instead of maintaining the moral, high ground by asserting this fact, they once again provided Guatemala an opportunity to further manipulate the diplomatic process.

Take a look at the video and make your own determination. I submit that once you do not use the traditional red or blue lenses, you may very well see the reality of what we have spoken, since day one.

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