Belize is our treasure and due to the ever-present human traits of greed and selfishness, successive PUPD administrations have taken our nation down a path of deception and manipulation, which has led to self-enrichment at the expense of “regular Belizeans”. To this reality, neither side of the PUDP equation is exempt.

In the process of making Belize a better place, steeped in the foundations of good governance practises, I state unabashedly and unequivocally “THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS!”

What occurred yesterday during the Senate meeting was testimony to precisely what the system allows for. Indeed, by way of PUP led effort, a motion was put forth to appoint a Special Select Committee to delve into the current passport and visa quagmire. I will give credit where credit is due, but on the same token no manner of ‘kudos’ shall be provided, for once you understand the nuances of our system of governance, it is evident that yesterday’s attempt is part and parcel of what Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition is required to do. Beyond that, from a prudent, political standpoint, it behooves them to take such action, after all, within this system, those who seek to ultimately control the House of Representatives, shall undertake any viable means by which to lessen the numerical divide between themselves and the current administration.

With that said, I am compelled to state that what transpired during yesterday’s Senate meeting was purely shameful, for all who voted against the motion. If one’s motivation for “serving” is steeped in the commitment to do what is best for Belize, there is no acceptable explanation to have voted against the motion. Party politics is sucking the life-blood out of this nation and as mentioned earlier, “THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS!” The names of each member who voted against the motion, or sought to, should be etched in stone, on a wall of infamy, along with all others who have been vested with the responsibility of being caretakers of our nation’s well-being and have, through their actions, fleeced the resources, patrimony and heritage of this nation.

For someone to argue against the appointing of a Special Select Committee in this instance, is inexcusable – full stop! Either you stand to see a full investigation in the hope that all who are culpable be held accountable or you have some sort of agenda. In terms of those in the Senate who voted “NO”, it leads one to question what is truly important to them. What is their motivation? What impetus has such prominence, that would cause them to vote against a measure that holds the potential to bring those responsible, to account for their transgressions? For the life of me, apart from some sort of misguided sense of political allegiance, the only other thing that comes to mind is that such a position was taken as a means of by wish to ensure self-preservation. Think about it. Why else would someone, especially those who presumably know better, take such a stance?

There are precious few opportunities to do “the right thing” for your nation, in the name of justice, especially on such an (inter)national platform and when faced with the opportunity, to simply abandon one’s (presumed) principles, is very telling. Anyone who loves this country and wants what is best, irrespective of his/her political moorings, should be able to discern “right” from “wrong”.

In all, I gather from this sordid episode that there are presumed “leaders” among us who are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing. Its a damn shame and it speaks volumes as to just how dire a situation the stewardship of this nation’s governance currently stands.

Simply put, their “allegiance” was on full display for all to see, as long as Belizeans are willing to take off their ‘red’ or ‘blue’ lenses. Indeed, yesterday was a monumental shame for some and in certain respects, more than others.

Given what transpired, I wish to highlight a point to those who claim that in order to effect change, it must be embarked on from within the constructs of either of the two, major political parties.

In a nutshell, the vote caste by Leader of Government Business, in the Senate, is absolute testimony to why the manner of constructive change simply can NOT and SHALL NEVER be manifest from within the PUDP.

It is virtually inconceivable for anyone to truthfully attempt to argue to the contrary.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, the time is past due to get real and be serious about making the personal decisions that will effect the change this nation sorely requires.

Just in case you have not been paying attention, the ideal opportunity to do what is right for this nation has arisen in the Cayo Northeast Constituency. This is the opportunity for residents to do what is ‘right’ and reject the PUDP. Yet preceding that, if there is anyone registered in Cayo Northeast who is fed up with the blatant corruption, this is your opportunity to step up and meet this task head-on, by offering yourself as an independent candidate in any by-election that is forthcoming.

Belize, the only way we can effect change is to take the bull by the horns and make the change we desire.

Think about it…


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