STEP 1. engaging citizens in politics at an everyday level sufficient to achieve “critical mass”;

STEP 2. engaging their human intellectual resources to forge a People’s Movement and Assembly;

STEP 3. engaging in direct action that secured the resignations of its entire sitting Parliament; having its citizens collectively draft a new “Constitution of the People of Belize ”

This is what Iceland did. Their Constitution reads like a dream to any human rights activist. A written guarantee of the ultimate rights of the Citizen in all manifestations, industrial contexts & in civilian governance, the document leaves no stone unturned in its quest for the protection of the citizens of Iceland.

THREE STEPS, AND WE RID OURSELVES OF THESE TYRANTS THAT AILS OUR COUNTRY. OUR PEOPLE. The citizenship is ripe for a peaceful, constructive revolution. Few more years, it will be had by bloodshed.

Click here to find out a step by step chronology of what took place in Iceland.

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