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The FDA ruled that ractopamine was safe and approved it for pigs in 1999, for cattle in 2003 and turkeys in 2008. As with many drugs, the approval process relied on safety studies conducted by the drug-maker — studies that lie at the heart of the current trade dispute. The drug, ractopamine hydrochloride, is fed to pigs and other animals right up until slaughter and minute traces have been found in meat. ref Pharmacologically, it is a beta-adrenergic agonist. It is the active ingredient in products known as Paylean for swine and Optaflexx for cattle, developed by Elanco Animal Health, […]

Vicitmized by the Vega Family

I am re-sharing this from a friend of mine. This is a classic case of bullying because you can and your family is in Government so you think you are untouchable. Let it be known by me, Elisa Awe Guerra, that my husband (Carlos Aurelio Guerra) was TODAY Jan 8th, 2014 on his BIRTHDAY, TAKEN OUT of his house valued at more than $400,000.00 with his family of 8 persons varying from ages 23 to 3 months. My husband owed Eduardo Vega and Alma Guerra Vega ( his sister) the total amount of approximately $55,000.00 . So sad to say […]