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Teacher's Day

Today is teacher’s Day in Belize, I know it’s a bit late but here goes anyway. Teacher’s Day is celebrated as a tribute to the valuable contribution made by teachers to the society by imparting knowledge and enlightening and shaping the career of students. Celebration of Teacher’s Day is fairly popular in many countries across the world and is even acknowledged by UNESCO. Teachers are not just people that teaches you, they impart knowledge that will server you throughout your life; they are your friends, they are philosophers and guides to put and keep you on the right track. Today […]

Noh Mul has been clearly marked since the 90's 1

Thanks to Tony Rath Photography for sharing these pictures with us. Mid 1990’s, I did an extensive photoshoot on the Maya site of Noh Mul. Unfortunately, early 2000, we had a multiple hard drive failures at the studio and lost all except these 4. I always planned on going back … sad indeed … Related articles COLA on Destruction of Maya Temple (fiwebelize.com) Belize officials call for prosecutions in pyramid destruction (wtvr.com) Belize deputy PM calls for prosecution in pyramid destruction (cnn.com) One of World’s Largest Mayan Pyramids Leveled For Gravel (latinospost.com) Mayan pyramid demolished for road fill (abc.net.au)

John McAfee Belize Property Up in Flames

Worth over half a million dollars, the main structures on the John McAfee estate in Carmelita, Orange Walk are now ashes as a result of a nearby bushfire lit on the adjoining property. Uninsured, the fire started at 1:00 this afternoon rapidly spreading throughout the compound. Two years ago, the GSU found an arsenal of guns and ammunition for a small army on the compound. Pictures by Capital NewsPost According to an eyewitness the fire started in the Toll-Bridge area and eventually made it to the property at about mid afternoon. “The buildings were totaled, everything was destroyed,” said a […]