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Address by His Excellency Valcav Havel, President of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 1990 2

(The following address was delivered in Czech, with a simultaneous translation in English.) President HAVEL. Dear Mr. Speaker, dear Mr. President, dear Senators, and Members of the House, ladies and gentlemen: My advisers advised me to speak on this important occasion in Czech. I don’t know why. Perhaps they wanted you to enjoy the sweet sounds of my mother tongue. The last time they arrested me, on October 27, of last year, I didn’t know whether it was for 2 days or 2 years. Exactly 1 month later, when the rock musician Michael Kocab told me that I would probably […]

Schools: Safe and Nourishing Havens 8

By Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant During my recent 2 years working at a local high school in Belize I quickly found out about the very public cases of students who were gossiped about openly by other students, teachers, and the community.  Some students had parents who were alcoholics and fought a lot, were drug dealers “serving time”, or were physical and emotional abusers at home.  There were many other students with their very own secrets — hidden and locked away from everyone else.  Many were shy students who never said much.  They may have appeared average […]

Hon. Julius Espat on Belize – Guatemala – ICJ 7

I have looked at the two sides of the issue when it pertains to Belize and the ICJ, and I am convinced that the risk of loosing any part of our territory is too much to take. We have already gone through the difficult process of obtaining our Independence with our territory defined. This was unanimously agreed to by the vast majority of nations of the world. We cannot ignore this great achievement by our forefathers. Let the United Nations seek an opinion from the ICJ on our behalf, but not a judgement. – Julius Espat A strong stand on […]